Bazaars, Markets and Carnivals of 2018

Well Happy Monday everyone! It’s mid-July and we at the Elexia Team realised that we’ve been doing less writing in 2018 because we’ve been so busy doing! It’s gone past half the year mark and we haven’t been able to pen down the excitement we’ve had in this time and thought we should give a quick recap for now before we update you with further details about some of these interesting events around KL and Johor in later posts.

The first quarter of the year kicked off super-well when we were selected to participate in Riuh in the City’s Retro weekend on the last weekend of March. We had been watching this local carnival with much fascination and was so delighted to participate as one of the vendors. It was definitely one of the highlights of this year and good vibrations continued to flow when we were selected to participate in Laugh Out Loud in Jaya One, the School, an April Fool event organised by the fabulous Makers and Co. Here we managed to get deeper acquainted with the local residents of Petaling Jaya,  whom we discovered were very excited to embrace the natural skincare industry. In the same month, we jumped at the chance to take part in the #StandTogether Carnival conducted by The Star, one of our national papers at the impressive Shah Alam Convention Centre. The Carnival was part of a week long campaign against bullying and we loved being part of any movement that strived towards improving the quality of human relationships, so it was a carnival that gave us both internal and external satisfaction.

May and June was phenomenal. We were thrilled to be chosen as one of the vendors for Sukaseni’s Borneo Culture event at Publika organised by Sukaseni. Everyone had been sharing with us about how diverse and interesting Publika events could be and they weren’t wrong. There was definitely a different buzz in the weekend shortly after the 14th General Election! In June, during the blessed month of Ramadan, we got a chance at two truly niche, special events with such dynamic organisers and audience. The first was a Buka Puasa (Breaking Fast) event organised by Bon Estates which is a premium property estate company located right opposite Bangsar Shopping Complex and truly enjoyed ourselves – unique, glamorous and full of positive energy. Before winding down from such a high, we were off to Leisure Farm in Galang Patah, Johor to participate in an excellent farmer’s market at the Bale, and organised by a group of passionate nature lovers who really pulled off a remarkable day.

Part of the huge attraction of participating in these events are building relationships with people who are looking to engage with similar passions, and to keep spreading the message about the value of trusting nature to help us through our internal and external challenges in modern life. We look forward to engaging in further events in the next half of 2018.

While we will share more details about some of the events we have participated in already, for now, hope you will enjoy some photos of our booths in various carnivals and bazaars that we enjoyed so much.

Much love and Salam!

Team Elexia

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