Who We Are

We are a home grown Natural Skincare and Wellness brand. We commit to delivering a luxurious experience of wellness which is free from harmful chemicals, with no parabens and no artificial colouring or fragrance. All our products are developed from premium grade essential oils sourced from around the world. We began our journey from passionate research and with a genuine desire for society to return to Mother Nature for alleviation and elevation.


How we began

Loving Our Kids!

The ELEXIA NATURALS' story is peppered with ‘one thing led to another’ and has got destiny written all over it. The premise was very much on a cozy little goat farm some 35 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. When evidence proved that goat milk was superior to any milk on earth apart from a mother’s milk, we were determined to produce the best goat milk in the land. This unleashed a passionate odyssey to identify the most deluxe menu possible for our cute goat family which did not involve anything artificial.’

The Long and Winding Path

Through this journey, which took us countless hours of research and extensive dialogue with industry experts throughout Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia, more and more doors and pathways opened. We engaged with experts from every body of knowledge possible – botanists, dermatologists, immunologists, pharmacists, microbiologists and formulators and kept unraveling more and more jewels from the earth.


The Ultimate Destination

Our philosophy was consistent throughout – to return all living creation back to their powerful beginning – Nature. Eventually it became clear that we had acquired a toolbox of formulations to develop not just premium goat feed but also premium and natural options for people who were suffering from various skin conditions or who simply wanted to enhance their life experience. The feedback from those who tried our formulations were inspiring and touching. For those who experienced alleviation, their gratitude increased our desire to continue helping. For those who experienced elevation, their joy was infectious.

Alas, the quest to deliver something that could give value to human kind through nature seemed to have finally found its place. And of course, at the end of one journey, another begins. ELEXIA NATURALS was finally conceived.

We hope you enjoyed the ELEXIA NATURALS story, and continue to be part of it.