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  • Wonder Balm

    RM 25.00RM 75.00

    An intense moisturising and soothing balm made up of super essential oils including lavender and geranium Egyptian rose.

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  • Oleeva Milkwash

    RM 45.00RM 75.00

    Natural face and body cleanser made with 100% extra virgin olive oils, goat milk essence & essential oils. Suitable for all skin types.

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  • Travel Kit – Umrah/Haj Set

    RM 150.00

    Keeping it simple and natural. Our UMRAH/ HAJ travel kit comes with all the essentials, packaged in a practical Elexia Naturals cotton pouch. With all our ingredients being natural with no alcohol, artificial fragrances or colours, rest assured that you can perform your spiritual duties in peace and comfort. Contains :

    • 1 Oleeva Milk Wash – Face and Body Care (50ml)
    • 1 Nourishing Face Balm (special edition size) 10ml
    • 1 Wonder Balm (full size) 15ml
    • 1 Lip Lush

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  • Face Balm

    RM 85.00

    A moisturising Balm filled with natural ingredients to ensure skin remains beautiful and healthy. Moisturising with soothing botanicals to maintain skin balance and texture, the Face Balm is designed for daily use.

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  • Essential Lip Lush

    RM 16.00RM 45.00

    Elexia Naturals Lip Lush are made of beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and palma rosa. Feels velvety on the lips and leaves it deliciously luscious. Could be a great travel companion if going somewhere cold!

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  • Sweet Surprise

    RM 165.00

    Sweet Surprise, the Luxe Edit. This gem contains all our Best Selling items - 1 Balance Oil sample, 1 Oleeva Milk Wash (50ml), 1 Face Balm (10ml), 1 Wonder Balm (15ml) and 1 Lip Lush and will be beautifully presented in a teal gift box with a magnetic casing. Box is reusable. From 7 August till 15 September, RM10 of our Sweet Surprise Luxe Edit sales are donated to NASOM Kuantan, an incredible centre for autistic children ( and another RM10 are donated to a cause chosen by Professor Muhaya ( Ideal as a gift, or just as a stylish accessory for your travels. Contains : 1 Oleeva Milk Wash – Face and Body Care (50ml) 1 Nourishing Face Balm (special edition size) 10ml 1 Wonder Balm (full sixe) 15ml 1 Lip Lush 1 Balance Oil (sample)

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  • Baby Balm

    RM 69.00

    A baby’s best companion. Natural, soothes & protects. For nappy & whole body application. Made with pure essential oils.

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  • Elexia Essential Blends

    RM 79.00RM 99.00

    Our Elexia Blends was developed to elevate and alleviate all our senses. Each blend came to fruition after extensive research on the body of each essential oil to produce the ultimate answer for a better life experience.

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  • Baby Oil

    RM 35.00

    Elexia Baby Oil is specially formulated with natural olive oil blended with coconut oil and infused with a calming blend of lavender essential oil. Keeps skin soft, hydrated and nourished.

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  • Baby Boom

    RM 84.00

    Content: 1 Baby Balm (50ml) and 1 Baby Oil (30ml) Purchase our Baby Set (1 Baby Oil and 1 Baby Balm) at RM84 and save yourself RM20 from the usual price of RM104. Offer ends till the end of the month.   The Baby Balm contains lavender essential oil and Shea butter and is a gentle and hydrating cream for the whole body, perfect for nappy rash and for the delicate skin of your baby. Apply a thin coat to diaper area after each diaper change and bath.   The Baby Oil is specially formulated with natural olive oil, blended with coconut oil and infused with a calming blend of essential oil. Keeps your baby's skin nourished, and acts as a great protective barrier for young skin. Massage into warm skin after bath and shower.

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  • Key to Harmony

    RM 85.00

    Content: 1 Diffuser Key Chain+1 Balance Oil at 5ml The Key to Harmony is our first Limited Edition release, and is extended to July. A combination of our best selling Balance Oil at 5ml + an artisan diffuser key chain. Each key chain is beautifully designed and handcrafted and only comes in 1 colour each:- the royal purple, orange teal, orange pink, lime green, crimson red and banana yellow.

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  • Charming Diffuser Keychain

    RM 30.00

    Drop our Essential Blends into the cotton ball and experience the benefits of the Balance Oil or Focus Oil everytime you travel with your keys. Comes in different colours!

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