Sweet Surprise Starter Pack

RM 150.00

Best things comes in small packages. Our Basic Starter Pack comes with all the essentials, simply presented in a fresh, Tiffany blue tin box.

How to Apply

Oleeva Milk Wash

  1. Wet face and neck/ part of skin to be cleansed.
  2. Apply 1ml of Oleeva Milk Wash Face and Body care.
  3. Leave it on face and neck/ part of skin cleansed for 3 minutes (flecks of the Oleeva Milk Wash may come off).
  4. Rinse well.
  5. For best results, use every night and day followed by Elexia Naturals Wonder Balm or Elexia Naturals Face Balm.
  6. Can be used for hair shampoo.

Face Balm

Apply small amounts every morning and/ or night on clean dry skin. For best results use on skin cleansed with Oleeva Milk Wash.

Wonder Balm

Apply small amounts every morning and/or night on clean dry skin. For best results use on skin cleansed.

Lip Lush

Apply a small amount on the lips to soften, nourish and relieve.

Product Benefits

Oleeva Milk Wash

Our Oleeva Milk Was is suitable from top to toe, but especially so as a facial cleanser. All our liquid soaps are natural soaps which hydrates the skin as it cleanses.

From your first application, you will notice that your skin feels softer and your pores super clean. Our formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin conditions for all ages.

Made up of 100% extra virgin olive oil, combined with Goat milk essence & essential oils such as lavender or peppermint, depending on your selection.

Face Balm

A velvety balm filled with natural ingredients and pure grade essential oils to ensure skin remains beautiful and healthy.

It moisturizes and maintains skin tone balance. The rice bran and rosehip essential oils gives skin a natural lightening effect, enhances its’ elasticity and increases suppleness.

This concoction of super essential oils was specially formulated to serve as a multi-tasking balm for those experiencing challenging skin conditions commonly related to sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and sensitivity such as:-

– Dryness
– Itchiness
– Inflammation

It was initially designed & created for babies with eczema, as such each ingredient was carefully selected for its effective properties but that would not be harmful for babies and adults.

Thanks to the Wonder Balm’s healing & calming properties, it has also been found to be effective in healing scalds, burns, scars, light acne, insect bites, cradle cap, mouth ulcers & even scabies.’

Lip Lush

Helps reinforces the lip’s natural barrier, the rosa palma contained also acts as an antiseptic and healing agent for scars and cracks in lips.


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